Welcome to the A.H. Zeppa Family Foundation, a charitable foundation based in Duluth, MN. 

The ZFF is a progressive foundation dedicated to making a difference locally and regionally by distributing grants to qualifying organizations and by working through its subsidiary organization, Zeitgeist Arts, in accordance with the interests of the foundation's original founder and trustee.   

The philanthropic missions of the Zeppa trusts are to:

1.      Support the advancement of progressive principles in human affairs, locally and regionally;

2.      Assist in the development of environmental sustainability through the implementation of progressive policies relating to sustainability, poverty, and hunger, locally and regionally;

3.      Support the performance and visual arts, locally and regionally.

We seek to fulfill our mission by embedding long lasting solutions in policy, culture, and the physical built environment itself. Our work is to approach and support the arts, sustainability, wellness, and community and economic development in an integrated way, reflecting the many ingredients of a truly healthy community. We’d like to see a community where:















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